🌅 Not a Roadmap

A roadmap is a plan that provides project goals and deliverables presented on a timeline. The roadmap metaphor suggests a predetermined destination with known milestones along the way. Blockchain and DeFi are, however, a dynamic environment for which something more fluid than the static state of a roadmap is needed. SURF.Finance uses the formation of waves, and opportunities to SURF them, as a general guide to future development.

Ideas are like the winds; their whispers ripple across ocean waters, creating deep water waves. Interacting with rising swells of potential, an idea swept to shore transforms into a steepening wave. Nearing the shore, the idea transforms into a breaking wave, as it prepares to splash down into the SURF.

Waves are manifestations of energy within the environment of a dynamic ocean, just like ideas are voids of energy seeking potential within the environment of a technical space. Rather than force an idea into fruition by some set time table, SURF.Finance seeks to SURF the best waves. The best wave is not necessarily the one whispered, wanted, or called upon. The best wave is the one we are in position to catch and ride to shore.

The below infographic breaks SURF.Finance project goals into the stages of wave formation. These waves are goals, not promises. Waves do not always make it to shore, and even when they do, they do not always break for SURFing.

Breaking Waves (Short-Term Goals)

Steepening Waves (Medium-Term Goals)

Deep Water Waves (Long-term Goals)

Rogue Waves

Rogue waves are large unpredictable surface waves that appear suddenly. While extremely dangerous to ships, rogue waves can create epic opportunities to SURF.

SURF.Finance seeks to SURF the best wave. Sometimes this is an unexpected wave that did not follow the typical wave formation process. Sometimes this is a rogue wave.

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