The Whirlpool

SURF Finance's Flagship product, the Whirlpool, provides passive income to SURF/ETH liquidity providers who stake Uni V2 LP tokens within the contract.

The Whirlpool:


Surf Finance is a D.A.O. (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) governed crypto-currency hedge fund founded around the mission of building an application suite and A.U.M. sheet to provide project participants with cash-flow. The Whirlpool is a contract on ETH main-net which distributes dAPP income and profits realized from SURF D.A.O. assets to project participants who've staked SURF/ETH Uni V2 LP (Uniswap Liquidity Provider) tokens within it. The Whirlpool also serves to dissuade predatory, extractive, or short-term market participants from earning the fruit of the communities labor, as there is a D.A.O. governed exit fee on LP tokens being withdrawn from the Whirlpool.

TL;DR: The whirlpool distributes SURF dApp fees and SURF D.A.O. trading profits to users who stake SURF/ETH Uniswap LP tokens into it.

Whirlpool Cashflow Break-out

The Whirlpool distributed rewards to stakers as well as acting as a funding vehicle for the hedge fund (i.e., A.U.M.) aspect of the SURF ecosystem.

  • Rewards to Whirlpool stakers

    • Token Payouts: ETH, SURF, or other token payouts from realized trading profits and yield bearing assets.

    • SURF Token Transfer Fee: Whenever SURF is transferred, 1% of the transfer amount gets sent to the Whirlpool as claimable rewards to all Whirlpool stakers.

      • Notes: 1) This is only applicable for transfers outside of the Whirlpool contract; and

      • 2) This only applies to SURF tokens on the Ethereum network.

    • Unstaking: There is no fee to stake ETH-SURF LP tokens in the Whirlpool, however, there is a 25% fee to unstake them. Of the unstaking fee, 20% (5% of the unstaked amount) gets swapped for SURF and rewarded to all other Whirlpool stakers. The other 80% (20% of the unstaked amount) gets sent to the SURF Token contract here as community locked liquidity.

      • Note: Funds from community locked liquidity get deployed to the SURF ecosystem as A.U.M.

  • SURF Hedge Fund (A.U.M)

    • A.U.M. is held by the SURF Deployer wallet here. This can include other tokens and NFTs, was well as staked positions in other contracts (which would not necessarily be listed in the linked Deployer wallet address).

    • The deployer wallet also holds tokens and the majority of liquidity on alternate chains, which can be viewed as linked for BSC, xDAI, and Polygon.

    • Other additions to SURF A.U.M. could include, but are not limited to:

      • ETH or SURF payouts from in-house SURF dApps and partnered application's dev fees

      • Air drops for Deployer wallet activity.


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