Access rights to the SURF Finance team's cross-chain dApp suite.


SURF is an ERC-20 token, and the primary token of the SURF Finance ecosystem, acting as access rights to each of the perpetual yield contracts SURF Finance has built. SURF has a max supply of 10 million tokens, all of which were fairly distributed through an IFO in October and November of 2020. Some dApps within the SURF Finance ecosystem will burn SURF tokens, permanently reducing the supply. Burned tokens are located at the SURF token address here.


The flagship contract to stake SURF into, in the form of SURF-ETH Uni V2 LP tokens, is The Whirlpool on Ethereum. The Whirlpool distributes SURF dApp revenue and SURF D.A.O. trading profits to users who stake their SURF-ETH Uni V2 LP tokens within it, with a 25% tax on exit which is used to fund our Community-Locked Liquidity. A 1% fee is extracted from every SURF transfer and is rewarded to those staked in the Whirlpool. (Notes: This fee is not taken from transfers involving the Whirlpool contract; and 2) this only applies to SURF tokens on the Ethereum network).

The communities labor and the project's partnerships generate yield on side chains which is unfeasible to bridge back to the Whirlpool consistently, so we have secondary contracts for users to earn yield on those chains. These contracts have their own tokens but directly consume SURF in order to create them, raising the ETH value in SURF-ETH LP tokens, as well as creating transfer volume to keep Whirlpool stakers happy.

On xDAI STAKE the rSURF Dashboard allows users to wrap bridged SURF into rSURF: a 1:1B, frictionless-yield bearing, auto-liquidity generating wrapped version of the SURF token. Only 1,000,000 rSURF can exist, and the volume based yield product has plenty of Swapr pools to encourage arbitrageurs.

On Polygon, a 500 day variable amount of time-locked SURF will mint you a TOWEL automatically staked on The Beach. The TOWEL token will have direct interplay with an upcoming dApp, The Swell, as well as a special interaction with polyWAVE, beyond being a SAS (Single-Asset-Staking) pool for the farming phase. The TOWEL tokens staked in the Beach currently earn the entirety of the unstake fee payed by airdrop recipients unstaking from the Beach and liquidating their TOWELs, TOWEL stakers are also viable for payments out of Community-Locked Liquidity.

Investors of SURF derivative tokens such as rSURF or TOWELs are kept happy by the steep exit tax on Whirlpool stakes and continued dApp development on chains outside of the Whirlpools reach.



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