Progression and Currency

The main indicator of your progression in the game is Level (marked “1” on the image below). When you fill the experience bar (marked “2” on the image below) you level up, the number increases.

This is how the user interface looks at The Beach. You have access to all your progress at a glance. Let’s go over each element:

  1. Your Level - this number shows your current level

  2. Experience Bar - indicates how much experience points you need to reach next level

  3. SURF - this number is how many SURF coins you own

  4. Unspent Skill Points Information - shows when you leveled up and have remaining Skill Points that can be spent on upgrades

With each level you receive one Skill Point. You need Skill Points to buy upgrades in Proof’s and Pep’s upgrade trees. To level up, you have to fill your experience bar. You get experience from surfing and spending SURF.

The main currency of the game is SURF. You collect SURF when surfing, see the image below for reference (SURF marked with red border).

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