A reflective token with a spin.


The rSURF token is a wrapped version of SURF on the xDAI STAKE network accessed using the rSURF Dashboard.

Preliminary Learning

Before you can interact with the rSURF Dashboard you'll need to know how to:

  • Use cross-chain bridges; and

  • Setup Metamask to interact with the xDAI network

If you are unfamiliar with how to do these things, please see Yostari's Cross-Chain Nav Guide.

Transfer Fee

For any transaction involving rSURF (buying, selling, sending to another address) there is a 1% transfer fee, distributed as follows:

  • 4/5ths of the transfer fee is distributed to rSURF holders

  • 1/5th of the unwrapping fee is used to seed rSURF liquidity on Honeyswap

For a break down of fee's incurred using the wrapper, check out this article on the rSURF Dashboard.

For a summary of the rSURF fees, please see the image below:


Between it’s reflective properties and its 1:1 ratio with SURF, rSURF is designed to create arbitrage opportunities. If you are unfamiliar with arbitrage, please read the explainer provided on the SURF Arb Dashboard page.

To find an arbitrage opportunity, simply add both SURF and rSURF to a swap transaction on Honeyswap. To do this, go directly to the Honeyswap page for a SURF — rSURF swap here, or simply scroll down to it on the rSURF Dashboard.

When determining whether to do an arbitrage, keep in mind that all transactions involving rSURF are subject to a 1% reflective fee. Even though transfer fees are .8% beneficial to all holders, it still makes sense to only arbitrage if there is a greater than 1% discrepancy between token prices. If the intent is to go full circle by wrapping or unwrapping the purchased token, a 2% minimum difference in price would be required to cover the two transactions required to do this.

Swapr Farming Pools

The community has deployed the following Swapr pools for rSURF token holders to LP and earn rewards from:

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