SURF Dashboard

The SURF Dashboard is the best tool for increasing the performance of your investments in the SURF.Finance Ecosystem. It levels the playing field by giving users a detailed overview of SURF Finance’s real time performance metrics along with individual portfolio breakdowns across the Ethereum, xDAI, BSC and Polygon blockchains. Whether it’s beginner surfers finding safe haven with low risk, passive income options, or veteran defi users seeking arbitrage opportunities and long-term sustainable yields, everyone will have access to the information they need to make more successful investment decisions.

Release Log

SURFdash Release v1.3.0 - Night SURFing

Hey SURFers! While the SURF’s been flat, the SURFdash team has been working from dusk to dawn patrol to deliver the most comfy night SURFing experience possible with the highly anticipated, heavily requested, introduction of Dark Mode to the dashboard!

  • Added Dark Mode theme & toggle

  • Added ecosystem loading screen

  • Updated AUM (as of Aug 20)

  • Updated dashboard wordmark

  • Removed chain dropdown from menu bar on mobile for a cleaner browsing experience (chain toggles are still present on all relevant pages)

SURFdash Release v1.2.0 - Party Wave

PolyWAVE pools are open! While you've been catching WAVEs, the SURFdash team has been hard at work delivering awesome new features to support PolyWAVE farming. This release includes several new features, bug fixes, and quality of life improvements.

  • Introducing the Polygon Treasury! Now you can see the list of assets acquired by PolyWAVE's staking fees. Stay tuned for more info...

  • Adds Portfolio net worth breakdowns for wallet / staked / unclaimed above the Portfolio Overview so you can see exactly where the totals come from.

  • Add Portfolio data visualizations for Wallet / Staked / Unclaimed breakdowns

  • Adds polyWAVE balance to Portfolio

  • Adds WAVE token price to Chain Stats

  • Add MATIC/WAVE LP token price to Chain Stats

  • Add Community section to homepage with links to social media

  • New PolyWAVE release banner on home page with WAVE price and links to WAVE GitBook, DexTools and Quickswap

  • Fixes Portfolio bar chart to display USD balances instead of SURF balances

  • Fixes issue with Portfolio USD$ calculation using SURF price from a single chain (you can now swap chains and see consistent portfolio balances)

SURFdash Release v1.1.0 - AUM & PolyWAVE SURF

  • Refreshed global and chain AUM as of date 7-29-2021

  • Added SURF locked in polyWAVE to Portfolio page (SURF only, more to come in next version)

SURFdash Release v1.0.0 - MVP

  • View SURF token prices on Ethereum, xDAI, BSC and Polygon chains

  • Toggle currency conversions

  • Select ecosystem supply breakdowns per chain

  • View community locked liquidity breakdown

  • View individual portfolio breakdowns per address

  • Explore links to detailed maintained GitBook documentation

  • View stats from all live dApps in ecosystem

  • View responsive design in mobile browsers

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