A unique set of 1,000 collectible and tradable frog themed NFTs.

Ribbits are unique frog themed NFTs created by a member of the SURF Finance dev team. Users can explore and zoom in on all 1,000 Ribbits using the grid view at https://ribbits.xyz/explore. Zooming in on an individual Ribbit provides rarity values each of the four traits (Body, Mouth, Pattern, and Tone). Any unclaimed Ribbit can be claimed for 0.1 ETH, or previously claimed Ribbits can be purchased on Opensea.

An added utility to Ribbits are the ability to wrap them into wRBT, a tradable ERC-20 token. wRBT can also be unwrapped into any of the Ribbits locked in the wRBT contract, which can be viewed here. Additional wRBT use cases will be listed on it's respective token page.


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