Assets Under Management

In addition to providing stakers with passive income, the Whirpool is the primary source for funding SURF.Finance A.U.M. When a user unstakes from the Whirpool, 80% of the 25% unstaking fee goes to Community Locked Liquidity (CLL) in the form of SURF-ETH LP tokens transferred to the SURF Token contract. SURF-ETH LP tokens in CLL can then be used for rewards, token burns, project development, A.U.M., and other infusions into the ecosystem. This currently requires a multisig transaction on the SURFDAO, with the eventual goal this being done by the community through SURFGOV.

CLL used for A.U.M. is transferred to the Deployer contract, which acts as the hedge fund aspect of the protocol. The below chart provides a summary of SURF.Finance's A.U.M. To view this same chart with links to holdings go to the Google sheet version here.

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