The Beach

SURF Finance's passive income dApp on the Polygon Network, earn passive income from staking the TOWEL token on the Beach.

The Beach is located at SURF Finance Polygon, which is the primary hub for the SURF Ecosystem on Polygon (formerly MATIC) located here.

SURF Finance Polygon provides:

  • Global and user stats for SURF Finance on Polygon. This includes information about SURF tokens, TOWEL tokens, and liquidity.

  • Links to buy SURF on and bridge SURF to Polygon

  • A link to The Beach.

The Beach is the primary space for managing TOWEL tokens, which provide passive income and will eventually be integrated with SURFGOV's, The Swell.

The following two infographics provide additional information about The Beach. The first one gives an overview of The Beach and TOWELS tokens. The second gives details on how users manage their TOWEL tokens on The Beach.


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