User Interface (UI)

The top-left portion of the UI shows you stats of the current run.

Score (Item 1) - this is your score number. You get score for doing tricks in the air. The score you get for tricks is multiplied by your combo count (Item 8).

Distance (Item 2) - shows the run distance measured in meters.

SURF Collected (Item 3) - shows how much of the SURF Currency (Item 4) you collected in the current run.


To do tricks you must be in air. You can get there by performing a jump off the wave and Platform (Item 6). To jump off the wave gain vertical upward speed until you hit the wave. To jump off the platform simply ride onto it. When you are in air hold SPACEBAR plus one of W,A,S,D keys; each key is a different trick.

Important: in the beginning you have only the W and D trick unlocked. You can get access for S and A through Proof skill tree upgrades.


The combo multiplier (Item 8) increases the score you get for doing tricks. You can increase the multiplier by filling the Combo Meter (Item 7). To do so, do tricks and collect SURF. Passing a Combo Gate (Item 5) instantly increases the combo multiplier by 1 full point.

Important: repeating the same trick twice grants a minimal amount of combo meter, chain different tricks to progress the combo meter faster.

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