🤙 Introduction

Decentralizing Finance for All

SURF is a unique blockchain protocol connecting a growing number of DApps and tokens across multiple networks. Founded on the Ethereum blockchain through the fair distribution of the SURF token and creation of the Whirlpool, SURF.Finance has grown to encompass:

In addition, SURF.Finance has several new DApps and tokens in the pipeline. You can learn more about them in our Upcoming dApps section.

SURF.Finance is a community created crypto conglomerate hedge fund:

Earn & Grow

  • Anyone will be able to contribute and earn through our planned DAO;

  • Other developers will be able to integrate with SURF.Finance through the SURF Launchpad.

  • Our growing portfolio of Assets Under Management is our hedge fund. Its diversified holdings are used to grow the SURF.Finance ecosystem and create continual income to the SURF.Finance community.

Zero Inflation

  • There is no way to create new SURF tokens, while consistent deflationary pressures continually remove SURF from the system. Investors can relax knowing that the value of their tokens can not be printed away.

Failsafe Mechanisms

  • Liquidity removal fees pay dividends to all remaining liquidity providers, and also build a pool of liquidity held in custody by a smart contract, not by a single centralized entity. Even in the worst market conditions those who stake in the Whirlpool will never be left high and dry. Designed under the guiding principle of antifragility, the SURF ERC-20 token and SURF Whirlpool are made to withstand market shocks and uncertainty by protecting users with mathematical guarantees.

Get Paid For Your Liquidity

  • A 1% fee is extracted from every SURF transfer and rewards it to those staking ETH-SURF LP tokens in the Whirlpool. (Note: This fee is not taken from transfers involving the Whirlpool contract.) This rewards liquidity providers for all volume that passes through the ecosystem.

Own Your DeFi

  • Join a community surfing the edge of innovation, where creativity is rewarded and building on the ecosystem creates value for all participants. Whether you’re a developer or an artist, get paid for your contributions by the Swell, a governance-directed stream of SURF.

So, paddle out. Join us in catching DeFi’s Next Big Wave 🌊

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