You land on the beach which is the main hub of TideRider: The Legend of SURF. The image below is a minimap of this place, let’s go over all four important places on The Beach.

  1. The Proof Mansion - here you can talk with Proof. He will offer you the most important upgrades. Follow his instructions and you will be the master of surfing.

  2. Pep’s Garage - this is where you meet Pep. He will offer you access to the surfboard modules upgrade tree, modules installation workshop, and some information about The Leviathan.

  3. TideRider’s Place - Tide is standing here watching over you when you are on the wave. Talk with him to get a lot of information about the world and play the tutorial.

  4. The Coastline - the place that separates water and land, this is where you go surfing.

From here it’s advised to talk with TideRider and play the tutorial, which will familiarize you with basics of gameplay.

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