Wrap your Ribbit for access to instant Ribbit liquidation, wRBT wrapper rescues, and DeFi yield opportunities.

wRBT is the ERC-20 token provided by the wRBT wrapper in exchange for depositing one of any 1,000 Ribbit NFTs. Any Ribbit held by the wRBT contract can be unwrapped and sent to you in exchange for 1 wRBT token.

In addition, the wRBT token can be:

  • Bought and sold using the Uniswap wRBT-ETH pool.

  • Deposited into SURF DeFi dApps such as polyWAVE to earn yield.

    • DISCLAIMER: wRBT tokens must be bridged to the Polygon (formerly MATIC) network in order to take advantage of the polyWAVE farming opportunity. If you do not know how to bridge ERC-20 tokens between networks, it's recommended you first read Yostari's token bridging guide.

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