The Leviathan is an Aegis DAO token that exists as both an ERC-721 token (NFT), and a wrapped ERC-20 token called wLEV. A total of 333 Leviathan NFT tokens were minted. As of July 12, 2021, only 164 Leviathans existed as NFTs; the other 169 were in the form of wLEV (Wrapped Leviathans).

Each Leviathan NFT receives 1/333rd of all SURF received by the LeviathanClaim contract. The LeviathanClaim contract currently receives SURF from the following sources:

  • 3 SURF Board NFTs.

  • 333 SURF-ETH LPs permanently staked in the Whirlpool.

  • A proxy farming contract called Harpoon that converts yields to SURF via Uniswap and sends them NFT holders.

There are also plans to bridge the lore of Ethercraft and Leviathan, that will use SURF as a consumable resource (burning it).

Instructions to wrap Leviathan NFTs to wLEV:

  1. Make sure to check your Leviathan rewards and claim first at the Leviathan dashboard

  2. Note down your Leviathan ID

  3. Using the Leviathan contract, call function #1approve()

    for0xa2482ccff8432ee68b9a26a30fcdd2782bd81bed to move your NFT ID (1-333)

  4. Using the Wrapped Leviathan contract, call function #9: wrap()with your NFT ID and you should receive 1 wLEV on the other end

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