Wrap your Leviathan for access to instant Leviathan liquidation, wLEV arbitrage opportunities, and DeFi yield opportunities.

WLEV is the wrapped ERC-20 version of the Leviathan NFT.

  • wLEV can be traded on Uniswap like any other ERC-20 token.

  • Users who accumulate 1 WLEV have the ability to convert that 1 WLEV into a Leviathan NFT. Current WLEV holders can be seen here.

  • wLEV can be deposited into SURF DeFi dApps such as polyWAVE to earn yield.

    • DISCLAIMER: wLEV tokens must be bridged to the Polygon (formerly MATIC) network in order to take advantage of the polyWAVE farming opportunity. If you do not know how to bridge ERC-20 tokens between networks, it's recommended you first read Yostari's token bridging guide.

Important Note: Unlike Leviathan NFT's, wLEV tokens do not receive an allocation of SURF rewards. This causes the divisor used to allocate SURF rewards to Leviathan NFT’s to be reduced from 333 to the number of Leviathans existing as NFTs. This means that a little under half of all Leviathans are ‘inactive’ in terms of rewards, effectively doubling SURF rewards for Leviathan NFT holders.

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